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What People are Saying about Academic Coaching...


"Thank you so much.  I love your positive energy.  I appreciate you very much!'

“You help me see what I don’t see that is difficult for me in school.  I’m a success story now."

"Thank u very much for the help with all of this process stuff!"


“It is amazing how much one person can do to change lives for the better in such a short time! Still so grateful and awed by how much you and (student) have accomplished in, well, just a little more than a year!! Thank you!” 

"Thank you!  We could not have done it without you."


"You are building so many skills and have such a great connection with him. I so appreciate being able to coordinate with you."

"You have been such a great asset for him and his family."


"Melissa does amazing work.  I rely on her to suggest accommodations.  It works!"

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