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Neurodiversity Coaching for Adults

  • Coaching for adults with neurodiversities such as ADHD, ASD, Anxiety or Depression can improve organizing, self-awareness, and performance at work and home. 

  • Discussions about how ADHD brings talents that can be tapped and challenges that can be supported can have an incredibly positive effect on you.

  • Coaching is great for students, parents and adults! 

  • Coaching focuses on developing skills that support neurodiversities and performance in academics, work ,and home.

  • New clients are welcome!  Please contact Melissa to schedule coaching.

Neurodiversity & Academic Coaching

Get started today to improve your awareness of how ADHD brings talents and challenges to you, leading to improved organization, work performance, and life/home management.

Start here!  Meet with Dr. Malen to discuss your talents and challenges, and your experience with neurodiversities. 


Meeting is on Zoom and includes review of any background information such as assessments and performance reviews.

Load your account with Coaching time and meet with Dr. Malen at a time best for you! 


Hours can be used anytime within 6 months from any location. Hours can be used for any family member. 


Simply request a meeting day and time via email or text.

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