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University of Minnesota                                                          2013

Minneapolis, Minnesota                                                                 

Ph.D. in Work, Community & Family Education

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development                                                                                                                     

University of St. Thomas                                                          1994

St. Paul, Minnesota                                                                         

M.A. in Counseling Psychology                                                                                                                                                   

Illinois Wesleyan University                                                     1990

Bloomington, Illinois                                                                       

B.A. in Psychology, Neuroscience Research Honors  


  • Nonprofit: Experienced Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Diversity Chair, Fundraising Chair, Education Chair

  • Counseling: Student advising, academic coaching, college and career, student counseling department manager

  • Human Resources: Exerienced director, business owner, college intern supervisor, selection and recruiting

  • Business: Owner of AxyLu Consulting, L.L.C, Co-Founder Focus and Learning Center

  • Owner:  Airbnb on Lake Superior 

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