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Dr. Melissa Malen

AxyLu Academics

1595 Selby Avenue, Suite 209

St. Paul, MN 55104


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 Join us for

Group Coaching

via Zoom videoconference!

  • Group sizes 1-8 students

  • Connect with students and a coach!

  • Topics for discussion and support:

    • Online learning strategies​

    • Designing home learning space

    • Defining a daily schedule

    • Tips for using videoconference

    • Tips for using online learning

    • Getting Homework Done!

    • Executive Function or ADHD

    • Great for all students!

  • Meet as often as you like; just register for the days and times you prefer.

  • Affordable packages: $20-$35/hr

    • Nonrefundable & active til 6/2021​

Click the Register tab to select a package. Once registered, you can select group coaching days and times on the AxyLu-Academics website calendar.​